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Song for the Power Failure

by Extraneous Solutions | Songs for the Power Failure



Song for the Power Failure


I started writing this song while at the Ocean with my family. In many ways it sums up my feelings about the current state of humanity on the Earth. Learning to see each other as connected is not always easy or convenient. How my decisions impact life all across the globe is overwhelming, but the responsibility we have can not be understated. It is a conscious choice to live as A Part Of nature rather than Apart From nature. The lyric video is available here


Thank you for listening!


Arcade Party

by Extraneous Solutions | Songs for the Power Failure


Arcade Party – the Song for August

As fun as a Pocket Full of Quarters! I am constantly wresting with how complicated to make my music. On the one hand, the more instruments and parts you have the better – Like an Orchestra – one the other, is simplicity. I feel drawn towards the simple, concise idea. I am deeply inspired by the work of J.S. Bach (my music of course sounds nothing like Bach). He could produce incredibly Elegant and Profound music with a solo instrument. His work for Solo Cello and the Well Tempered Clavier are my go to works when I question whether I should add another instrument. So, even though there are several instruments present in this composition, there are really only 3-4 parts happening at any giving time. Drum beat, Bass Line, Chordal Accompaniment, and Melody. I change instruments to highlight the sections of the piece and to give a variety of texture and sonic quality. All the sounds are original creations, no video game samples were used to create this work.

I hope you enjoy listening.


Ohh Ohh Ohh

by Extraneous Solutions | Songs for the Power Failure

Ohh Ohh Ohh – the Song for July

I had a lot of fun making this song. It started out as a country/folk ballad at the piano, but once I started working on it, I changed directions to be more of an upbeat Reggae/Ska inspired groove. I loved creating the Bass Line for this one. and the little Rhodes Keyboard licks during the chorus were a happy accident!! Enjoy

Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty

by Extraneous Solutions | Songs For the Power Failure




 Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty

This is the song of the Month for June.

So much of Pop Music is Light and Fluffy and generally not very thought provoking, and so much of the Punk/Metal music I like to listen to is very thought provoking. So with this month’s song, I decided that I would write a piece that uses Pop Music structures but a Punk Music attitude within the lyrics. The result = Sugar Coated Subversiveness or Light and Fluffy with a Pointy Edge!!

On a technical level, creating this song was actually quite challenging because the groove of the song is “just a little before the beat”. Humans do this all the time with in the rock and funk worlds. However, when crafting my initial drum track, I snapped everything to the grid, which is a wonderful tool when creating something like “Run Over By Lemurs” because the feel is very rigid. But RBUK is more fluid. Not quite swinging, but definitely loose. I ended up recording all the tracks to this painfully square drum beat, and then once I got the Finger Snaps in, I adjusted the drum track so that it aligned itself with where I was placing those finger snaps. For a while I actually considered trashing the whole thing because I didn’t think the computer would accept the groove I was trying to create, but thanks to the magic of manual placement of beats I actually was able to slide the entire drum track at once so that everything lined up “Just Before the Beat” on the grid. Miraculously, everything lined up the way I was hearing in my head to begin with. I am really happy with the results and learned a ton about how to make this music sound as Human as possible.

Thanks for listening!

Here is a link to Lyric Video on YouTube.

Run Over by Lemurs

by Extraneous Solutions | Songs For the Power Failure



 Run Over by Lemurs

This is the song of the Month for May.

While at a wonderful restaurant in Hanover, NH, The Base Camp Cafe, while my daughter was describing a YouTuber she enjoyed watching, I thought she said “Run Over by Lemurs”. What she had actually said was “his avatar is a lemur”. I immediately thought “Run Over by Lemurs” would be my next instrumental.

My girls wanted a song that could be used in their Minecraft tutorial videos. Something that sounded a little 8-bit, video game, and Fun. I wrote the main melody on the guitar but didn’t think the guitar tone fit with the rest of the electronic instruments. The rest was composed on the piano.

It is light and fun.



Let's Get a Cat

by Extraneous Solutions | Songs For the Power Failure



 Let’s Get a Cat

This is the song of the Month for April.

I started this song in school. I was showing a student how I write and asked him if he ever wrote poetry or kept a journal. He didn’t and when I said “what should the first line be” he said “I don’t know what to start with”……….I said “let’s start with that”……….from there I wrote the two lines down fully expecting to cross them out later as I rarely keep “dummy” lines. However, I use them all the time to keep the song flowing – my journals are a mess until the finished copy – that’s the one I sing with.

To keep everything light I wrote “and make some art about a cat”…….obviously that line was ditched but the song was already coming to life. I had a little piano intro and knew it was going to be set in a boogie blues style. “You fill the Dish, I’ll let her get Fat, Let’s Get a Cat”……It just seemed to flow, it was fun, it felt right. Over the next few days, I constructed a few more lines and worked out how the band would back everything up. Constructed the drum track, walking bass lines, guitar licks and chords. I wanted the vibe to be “bar band”, something my neighbors might dance too. Nothing Complicated or over the top. And the Shavasana Kitty makes her recorded debut at the end of the track. A suggestion by my youngest daughter made who thought a little meow would be the perfect finish. I had to agree. Enjoy!



Lokah Samastah (Om Mani Padme Hum)

by Pure Kirtan | Of The Heart

Pure Kirtan’s 2nd Full Length Studio Album. Recorded and Produce here at SK. Our version of Lokah Samastah paired with Om Mani Padme Hum closes our kirtans and yoga classes.


Pure Kirtan’s first Full Length Studio Album. Recorded at Clark Creative Studio, Engineered by Mike Clark If you are looking for a great place to track a Full Band (one of the best rooms for drums in NH) – He’s a great engineer for the job!



My second Full Length Classical Guitar Album – By Candlelight – started as an experiment. Recorded and produced here at SK, I composed the opening 20 or 30 seconds of a piece of music and then light the room only with enough candles to see the fretboard of my guitar. I did this to reduce visual stimuli in the room and to set a meditative environment within which to play. I ended up liking the results so much that I decided to record this way on 3 separate occasions. Each piece would evolve naturally as I let go of structure and form for improvisation, much like I do in a Yoga with Live Music Class. The result is unlike anything I had ever made before.





From my first full length Classical Guitar album – Moments in Time – recorded at Clark Creative studio – engineered by Mike Clark. This collection of compositions span over ten years of writing and composing for the solo guitar. It will often take months, sometimes years, before I am truly satisfied with a solo guitar composition and it takes its final form.  Much more traditional and less meditative in nature than Candlelight, each piece on Moments is strict in its structure and form.




by Extraneous Solutions | Songs For the Power Failure


I often write music that is not Kirtan or Classical Guitar. For a long time I did not really know what to do with these compositions, so the songs would sit in an unfinished state either in a notebook as lyrics or on my hard drive as a rough demo. In February 2015, I decided I would challenge myself to write, record, and produce the best these songs and release them Once a Month under the name “EXTRANEOUS SOLUTIONS”. As a long time fan of Punk Rock and Heavy Metal, and definitely geeky, I thought the name was fitting and the single covers are meant to be evocative of that ethos. Extraneous Solutions follows no genre rules so it gives me a wide open canvas to write in.


Vapor Proof Suite

by Extraneous Solutions | Songs For the Power Failure



The First OFFICIAL Release by Extraneous Solutions. Vapor Proof Suit tells the tale of a man trying to save survivors of the zombie apocalypse by wearing a vapor proof suit so the zombies can not smell his humanity. If you have been listening to the previous songs on the Juke Box, this one may come as a surprise to you. It is definitely not what one might expect to come from the same hands as Candlelight or Of The Heart. It is important to me as an artist to not be limited by labels or expectations and to find joy in all forms of musical expression. If you listen closely to my classical or kirtan compositions, you can often hear threads of my punk/metal influences.  I consider these to be a necessary part of who I am as a composer, and when appropriate they become part of the overall fabric of my compositions.