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Dystopian Fantasy Boy- New Single for January – 2017. Use the player to the left to listen!!

I invite you to join me here at Shavasana Kitty as I am half way through my second year in a row of writing and releasing a song a month. The songs that are released under the name Extraneous Solutions are not boxed in by genre so I can fully explore my creativity. Each month I share with you at least one song I produced and released as part of this challenge.

Check out the album review of “Between Us and the Sky” on

Shavasana Kitty Audio Production Studio is where I am free to create my quirky pop and electronic, punk and metal, kirtan and solo classical guitar music.

It is a place where fellow songwriters and kirtan artists find a kindred spirit to make their songs come alive. Stick around, listen to some Releases, read some inspiration on the Blog, contact me to Book a Session, or play elegant classical guitar music for your Event.

Sign Up for my email list below and I’ll thank you with a Free Download of the solo guitar track “Between Us and the Sky”. I send 1 or 2 emails a month to let you know when I have a new song or a blog post up.

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